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Since its foundation, Anuri has believed in quality as something alive, dynamic, fundamental and applied it every day.

It was the first steel construction company to achieve ISO 9001:2000-Lloyds Register Quality Assurance-applicable to the design, development, manufacturing, and assembly of of metal structures building, ensuring the quality and commitment to continuous improvement. Maintaining the certificate requires periodic reviews, every 6 months protocols for continuous improvement of processes and products are executed, but Anuri meets and exceeds these requirements:

• Management of all processes related to the design, documentation, technical solutions, validation of computer programs ...

• Control of structural materials, acceptance tests, certificates, traceability ...

• Monitoring and control of product and processes, manufacturing tolerances, surface preparation, adhesion tests ...

• Control of all production and measurement equipment, maintenance, etc.

Internal Inspections:The quality department applies the Anuri Quality Inspection Plan daily, which include internal test groups: welding, dimensional, quality of raw material, paint ... Achiving the conformity certificate which guarantees the customer the final product quality.

External Inspections: In addition, Anuri has an agreement-since 1978 - with the AIN-accredited laboratory to perform various monthly inspections of welds, and welding procedure qualification according to UNE EN 287-1 and UNE EN ISO 15607, BS EN ISO 15609 and BS EN ISO 15614. All inspections are routine, random and unannounced.

Training to improve quality: Anuri performs internal training courses for all professionals who join the company and develop a specific job, welding, assembly ... A protocol ensures quality in production processes. These training sessions are supervised by the Quality department and make Anuri a leading company in terms of skilled labor.