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Internal view of Portifort during assembly

V2B structure during final assembly

Structure during incial assembly


The sales team are structured so you can be able to contact a representative in each province, this way being able to fulfill the initial objective of the company "to be present in every corner of Spain.”

This atomization helps our customers making it possible to have this commercial expertise at any time. Delegates help define building requirements and recommend the best solution in each case.

Subsequently, the engineering department of Añuri study all projects and offer each customer a unique experience in design, calculation, strength analysis, technical studies ... prized by professional technicians.

We at Añuri don´t say this, these are the words or our costumers by the feedback we get and the customer satisfaction surveys carried out that reflect this service as the highest rated company. Working hand in hand with customers is evidence of a strong commitment to teamwork.

The assembly team is serving the customer until the job is completed. These teams are distributed across the country and are responsible for coordinating and supervising the work status at all times.

Finally, Añuri has a maintenance department to ensure proper after-sales maintenance of the facilities and resolve any incidents that occur once the job is complete.

This service is insured by inspections (4 in 4 months) on the facilities ensure security, safety and proper operation. An efficient way to avoid future problems caused by weather and debris achevied through comprehensive inspection of roofs, gutters and downspouts.