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V2B structure

Assembly of the structure


Respect and care for the environment is a commitmented priority for Anuri.

Anuri has developed there own specific machines for recycling and thus reduce the excess material to minimize waste generation.

They also utilize water-based paints in the production process thereby reducing the environmental impact compared to the use of solvent-borne paint.

Not forgetting that steel is a 100% recyclable and reusable which does not generate any waste, minimizing the effects that construction on the environment.



All processes of Safety and Health System are documented and implemented. All decisions and actions by the company pursue strict compliance with these requirements with a single objective: the security of all..

Anuri integrates the security system on all their assembly crews in the construction process, including subcontractors. They all comply with all legal requirements specified in the Law 31/1995 of PRL and the Law 32/2006 regulating subcontraction in the construction sector.

This inclued constant risk evaluation inherent in the job, with constant monitoring of the effectiveness of these measurements, as well as all the information gathered from all groups involved.

For this to be possible, periodic visits and inspections of the job ensure compliance with the measures set in the Health and Safety Plan, and are monitored for effectiveness.