Exterior view Portifort

Portifort facade view(top)
V2B Fachade View (bottom)


Aware of the growing concern of our clients and designers to give to buildings a personal touch and design, we offer a wide range of solutions for the fachades, roofing and ceilings.

Among the most common we highlight:

-In situ sandwich panel.
-Sandwich Panel Tray .
-Prefabricated Panel .

The coronation trim of the façades can be of 2 types:

-Normal (see V2B detail o Portifort detail), following the contour of the roof of the building.

-In false terrace (see V2B detail or Portifort detail), extending the exterior siding to the ridge height of the building, hiding their geometry. This second solution involves the siding of the false terrace (with single plate) to the very top.