Galvanized fachade purlin
Variable inercia pilar
Prefabricated panel placed vertically
Footer trim
Facade wall


















Prefabricated fachade panel detail


The set consists of two outer faces of 0.5mm sheet steel, galvanized and pre-lacquered that is cold formed and joined together by a core of rigid polyurethane foam insulation, bonded during the manufacturing process, which makes them self-supporting.

The sides of the upper face are profiled with ribs or grooves on wich isolation is placed. In order to break the 'thermal barrier', the metal plates that make up the panel are separated by a strip consisting of EPDM, or a vapor barrier of aluminum foil.

The nominal thickness of the panels is 30 mm., though, if specifically requested, can be supplied with a thickness of up to 80 mm. Likewise, it is possible to provide panels with rock wool filling.

Standard finishes:

-Galvanized. Zinc coating on both sides of a steel coil-processing specifications SENDZIMIR, according to UNE 36131 - EN 10142, Z-275. Suitable for corrosive environments without design demands

-Prelaquered. Based on a galvanized steel coil, in the first stage are applied on both faces of a coating based on epoxy resins. Subsequently, on the exposed face applying a lacquer resin coating based on polyester silicone, according to specifications UNE 36150 - EN 10169. Suitable for some corrosive environments and design demands. .

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