Prelaquered Back sheet hiding all the fachade purlins
Separating Omega profile
Variable inercia pilar
Exterior sheeting placed horizontally
Footer trim
Facade wall

















Facade detail of insitu panel


It consists of two overlapping sheets of corrugated steel 0.6 mm. thick, with a galvanized or lacquered finish, which has sandwiched between them a profile (omega) separating and 80mm fiberglass insulation.

This whole assembly process is performed on site (in situ). The pleasant interior finish achieved with this solution eliminates the need for installating a drop ceilings.

The sheets are fixed to the purlins by self-tapping screws and with rubber washers. Their distribution is made so that the deck is secure and can exapand with heat.

When the length of the roof line is to long(more than 12 m) it requires mating faces by overlapping, sealing the overlap is resolved by a special seal. The unions of the roof centers are made by special trims to avoid leaks.

This same overlap and sealing solution is applied at the coranation center, and thanks to special curved end of sheet, it is possible to avoid leaking problems that produce hassels common building coranations.

Standard finishes:

-Galvanized. Zinc coating on both sides of a steel coil-processing specifications SENDZIMIR, according to UNE 36131 - EN 10142, Z-275. Suitable for corrosive environments without design demands.

-Prelaquered. Based on a galvanized steel coil, in the first stage are applied on both faces of a coating based on epoxy resins. Subsequently, on the exposed face applying a lacquer resin coating based on polyester silicone, according to specifications UNE 36150 - EN 10169. Suitable for some corrosive environments and design demands.

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