Galvanized fachade purlin
Variable inercia pilar
Prelaquered steel sheet
Footer trim
Facade wall


















Single sheet fachade detail


The covering is made with corrugated steel sheets of 0.6 mm. thick, with a lacquered finish.

The purlins used are of a “C” shape profile fastened to the fachade pilars.

This solution incorporates insulation and a plastic net to secure the insulation, unless the client asks for different.

The purlins are distributed in rows parallel to the ground, and the sheet metal is fastened by means of self-tapping screws with nylon colored nylon head.

Standard finishes:

-Prelaquered:Based on a galvanized steel coil, in the first stage are applied on both faces of a coating based on epoxy resins.

Subsequently, on the exposed face applying a lacquer resin coating based on polyester silicone, according to specifications UNE 36150 - EN 10169.

Suitable for some corrosive environments and design demands.

see color chart