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Market share of industrial metal production: the most advanced European countries rely on metal for your industrial construction.


Construction generates 40% of CO2 emissions, using 40% of the energy produced and consumes 40% of the raw material used by man. However, the use of steel minimizes these effects by reducing expenses:

extraction and manufacturing: we work with 1 st quality material, 100% recyclable and reusable.

transportation: steel is lightweight and structurally efficient

demolition and assembly: steel can easily be removed and mounted in another location with ease, and without generating waste, it also con be adapted to new uses, with minor modifications, increasing the life of the building and can be built on unfavorable terrains because it reduces foundation requirements.

energy, by anticipating the needs of CTE. The unique design of the structures of Anuri reduce subsequent energy needs of the building, save for consumption in the construction process and daily energy expenditure.

manufacturing and assembly times: high strength steel, has great flexibility. Enables innovative and creative designs that the forms are elastic, lightness and adaptability to modify existing spaces.