V2B aluminum drop ceiling view

Drop ceiling in a V2B building


It is the most used in our construction by presenting the best value for money. Aluminum sheEts that are 0.3 mm. thick, are cold-formed with “minionda profile”.

The fixation is performed on a lattice of wooden slats with galvanized steel staples fired from air guns.

This solution gives the drop ceiling a continuos look, with the boxed solution normally seen.

In addition, the wooden slats prevent the dipole Fe-Al that generates corrosion.

Its undulated profile acts as a reflective screen for the light from the skylights, distributing it throughout the whole space in an optimum and uniformly, thus avoiding the annoying dark spots.

For cases of adverse environments, there is the following:

-Wood slats with a special treatment to avoid altering its properties..

-Use stainless steel staples.

-Use perferated sheets for better acoustic capabilities.