Roof center with curved sheet
Roofing Purlins













Single sheet roof details

Single sheet roof view



Corrugated steel sheets are 0.6 mm. thick galvanized or lacquered finish. This solution is associated, unless the customer expressly rejected, with a fiberglass blanket of 80 mm. thick, fastened with plastic mesh, which provides the insulating cover needed, while reducing the possibility of internal condensation phenomena occur as a result of the thermal conductivity of steel and certain special weather conditions.

To provide th interior with a pleasant covering, it is advisable to install a drop ceiling under the roof structure.

The plates are fastend to the structure composed by the purlins with self-tapping screws and rubber washers. Their distribution is matched to the higher frets to ensure the tightness of the deck, while ensuring its performance against the expansion.

When the length of the roof lines is to big (more than 12 m) requires mating the ends of the roof, sealing the overlap is resolved by a special seal. This same overlap and sealing solution applies also at the center, and the ridges of different levels of cover, thanks to special curvature on one end of sheets: thus avoiding leaks that produce problems with common center ridges.

Standard finishes:

-Galvanized. Zinc coating on both sides of a steel coil-processing specifications SENDZIMIR, according to UNE 36131 - EN 10142, Z-275. Suitable for corrosive environments and especially not without design demands.

-Laquered. Based on a galvanized steel coil in a first stage are applied on both sides a coating of epoxy resins. Subsequently, on the exposed face, is applyed a lacquer coating resin based on polyester silicone, according to specifications UNE 36150 - EN 10169. Suitable for some corrosive environments and design demands.

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