Interior ilumination of V2B structure

Solar panels on a V2B structure

Building with solar panels on the roof


Energy savings of up to 30%
According to a comparative study of energy-efficient lighting and LIDER program, held for 2 buildings of 800 m2 with a V2B covering and the other with a traditional covering, the V2B is able to save on lighting energy and heating energy with saving of up to 30%.

Natural lighting
Thanks to the northern orientation of the skylights in the roof, we are able to maximize the use of natural lighting. The reflection on the ceiling that is strategically placed, generates lighted environments,that are nice and consistent and hard to match, minimizing the economic cost of lighting.

V2b, a sustainable structure
Allows placing solar panels on the roof with no modifications. The Closed modules of the V2b have no skylights, are oriented toward the south with the optimum tilt for maximum use of sunlight for solar panels without installing any additional structure. The panels are fixed with the same hardware used for roofing installation, simplifying the assmbly.

Thermal insulation
The insulation is gratly improved because of the air chamber created by the aluminum ceiling and fiberglass insolation. This system gives great heating and cooling energy savings.

Aspects and minimal maintenance
The drop ceiling hides the structure and electrical instalation, air conditioning etc ... bringing simplicity and beauty to the interior. This prevents the accumulation of dust, and minimizes maintenance.

Security and ease of assembly
The roof structure is assembled at ground level to then mounted on the pillars. Avoiding unnecessary risks and facilitating the work of construction management.

We can offer satisfactory solutions in most cases. Make additions, cover irregular areas, cover great areas, etc, does not represent any obstacle.

Great lenghts
You can get lenghts up to 100 m. that solve the problems posed by the presence of pillars inside the building, with a competitive cost. However, it should be noted that in V2B system, the separation between the interior columns, coinciding with general modulation, isnormally between 9 and 12 m, and therefore their impact on the layout is lower.